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Games, Battle Stations Torpedo

Description : Battle Stations Torpedo, submarine torpedo warfare, is a very interesting submarine simulation game. players must first use the points to buy submarines and a variety of equipment, then begin the mission. The task is to searching for the enemy and attack enemy ships by using sonar and torpedo. But, before you go. Please remember that you have buying the torpedo. Otherwise you will only watch the enemy's ship and you cannot do anything.

It's quite interesting. When you search for the enemy's ship or submarine. If the enemy fire back, We have to using a bubble tube or decoy torpedo to misleading enemy's torpedo, Each mission has only single enemy's ship, sank the enemy ship the mission is finished.

After mission is over, there is victory points can be used to buy new equipment and torpedoes. Make your submarine become more powerful and effective.

Controls :

use mouse to click the operation menu on the screen

Games, Battle Stations Torpedo
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