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Games, Highgrounds

Description : Highgrounds is an awesome turn-based multiplayer strategy game, a little bit like Card Game, But more fun ! You can see your unit stand on the battle field and attack the enemy. Gold is to protect your kingdom from evil creatures. But look like you are the intruders.

Highgrounds has many different unit that you can buy them by gold. And place them on the battle field. Just like Card Game, every unit has it's own attribute. Such as  attack, defense or heal etc. And also have difference price that you have to Pay for it. 
Each turn, Will calculate how many Gold Should be generate, how many wound should be heal, And how many attack and defence that you will have.  If your attack plus defence more then your enemy. then enemy's City will be attack. if the City's life is 0. then lose the battle. So place your unit wisely to defeat the enemies.
Controls : Mouse
Games, Highgrounds
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