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Games, Zombie Tactics

Description : Zombie Tactics is a turn-based game, and each of your characters can move around the map and attack enemies or support one another. This turn-based zombie survival game, featuring full story, survival mode, and alternative endings!

Lead your team through the zombie apocalypse, earning items and skill points along the way. What ethical choices will you make later in the story?

Your actions, including movement, take stamina, which regenerates slowly each turn, or more significantly if you choose to have a character "rest" instead of act.

Killing zombies nets you not only experience, granting you skill points for each character and their abilities when you level up, but cash that can be spent on buying new items or upgrading the ones you have. Items can be equipped by any character and can bestow bonuses like increased evasion or health, or even passive abilities.

Controls :

Explained in-game

Games, Zombie Tactics
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